Denmark’s greatest
Outdoor adventures

Come explore the Til-Tops nature parks North of Copenhagen and near Roskilde. All parks have high-rope tracks in different heights and difficulties.

Our parks

Come and see our many parks in Denmark

Til-Tops Havreholm

Tree-climbing and Disc Golf near Hornbæk

Til-Tops Frederiksdal

Tree-climbing in Virum

Fly-High Til-Tops Ledreborg

One of Denmark’s largest zipline parks + climbing tracks

Til-Tops Byg

We now have our building department including planning, design and building of complete parks.

A day full of activity

Experience the world from the treetops – or perhaps from a little lower in the trees. There’s a track for almost everyone, and some of the parcs also have other activities such as discgolf, a quiz walk in the forest, and team building activities.

It’s a good idea to book your place for tree-climbing in advance to avoid disappointment on the day.

Follow the link at the top of the page to access our booking system or to buy a gift card.

Please note that there are height and weight restrictions for the various tracks. Also, children might need to be accompanied by an adult, so please check out the respective park sites for details. Your ticket covers the equipment rental, a safety instruction with our staff, and circa 3 hours of climbing time in the tracks.


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Til Tops - Fly High

  • Ledreborg Alle, 4320 Lejre

  • 2117 3743


  • CVR: 39555263

Til Tops - Frederiksdal

  • Hummeltoftevej 179, 2830 Virum

  • 2117 3743

  • CVR: 35667849

Til Tops - Havreholm

  • Klosterrisvej 4, 3100 Hornbæk

  • 2117 3743

  • CVR: 36435178